What’s your favorite food?

What’s your favorite food?

Today, I, Rose, was craving one of my favorite childhood foods:


Therefore, after work, I stopped by at the local Noodles and Company.

Eric was still at work, lame, and couldn’t get the food when it first came out so I brought his home. I usually put the Parmesan-crusted chicken on top of the gooey deliciousness to add protein.

Personally, I do not eat red meat.

No, I am not a vegetarian or vegan or whatever they call it these days.

I simply don’t eat red meat because, well, I throw up when I do.

SO, chicken is one of my only sources of protein and I tend to have it as often as possible. Unlike Eric.

He is a meat lover. Honestly, he purposely gets red meat in front of me to piss me off. It just doesn’t look appetizing. SORRY. (not really)

I got the mac and cheese with some yummy chicken on top to conquer my cravings. For him, I got an Alfredo pasta with some chicken and veggies and what not. (He ate the chicken and loved it!)

I normally do not enjoy takeout and try to do it as minimal as possible.

If you wait too long the food gets gross and cold. Which defeats the purpose of getting a hot meal somewhere else. You purchased this meal so you did not have to do any of the cooking. Why would you get something and have to heat it up? It also just tastes wrong.

I ate my meal at the restaurant and enjoyed every bite of my cheesy-goodness. However, Eric waited like 5 hours to come get his food. I sat there and had to reheat what was once a fresh and enjoyable meal. As I predicted, the food was not up-to-par with having it fresh.

I am not speaking just about this restaurant for reheating food. I am speaking about every single one out there. Reheating already fresh and cooked food ruins it. Eat it fresh. You purchased it that way and that is how it should be enjoyed.

But, nothing beats not having to cook a full meal from scratch. I do not have the time or energy after a long day at work to sit by a hot stove and cook. I am already working in the scolding heat in this current Spring/Summer environment. The last thing I want to do is endure more of the heat.

This is why we tend to go out most of the time. The restaurants produce, most of the time, better quality food than we can make and it allows us to relax and not have to worry about cooking after a long day at work.

Do you have any suggestions on how to reheat leftovers and enjoy them more without the work?

Also, if you have any places that you want us to try let us know!

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