Cheap Margarita Happy Hour

Cheap Margarita Happy Hour

Rose and I wanted to go out one night but we weren’t hungry. We needed drinks so we headed over to Texas Roadhouse where you can get an awesome margarita for $5 during happy hour along with beers for $3.50.

Texas Roadhouse is a place to go when you’re not only hungry, but prepared to eat to the point of exhaustion. They serve massive platters, have great bread and a lot of meat choices. Definitely be ready to leave with a food baby. If only Rose ate more than chicken.

We usually go late, after the dinner rush, and on a day when we are starving. This time was a little different. We came for happy hour and their bread. I started out by getting my cheap bud light, while Rose got her favorite margarita, the Sangria Rita.

Sitting at the bar, sipping my drink I couldn’t help but eyeball hers which looked yummy and worth the stares for this girly drink. For the next round I immediately ordered her drink for myself, and gave up all hope of remaining manly.  It was good.

Rose tried a Jamaican Cowboy margarita, which was stronger and on the rocks. All and all we were glad we made it out. The drinks were great and the prices were good. We even got their delicious bread while siting at the bar. Cheers!

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