Sunday at Panera

Have you ever walked into a Panera on a Sunday? Don’t. It’s not a place you want to be. The line is insane, kids are screaming, and service is slow.

There’s even a line at the kiosk.

Why would you wait in line at the kiosk? It doesn’t make any damn sense since it’s the same slow/glichy app you can download on your phone and save yourself the time. This is precisely why I use it. I am not a people person in case you hadn’t guessed.

When I opened the app, I pressed the customize button and tried to place the order. My items are not there and I am forced to enter it again…frustrating. Additionally, when I show up to get my order I find that it is not complete which adds to my annoyance level.

All I want is my food and now I have to wait even longer for them to finish an order that they said was ready. Also, before 11am, I cannot get my favorite broccoli cheddar soup. Why is that a thing? I just want some soup.

I also feel that on a Sunday morning they run out of a lot of supplies which limits their breakfast selection even further. They should let people know, on the app, what is in stock and not before the order is placed!

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Let us know!

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