Capturing the Perfect Picture

Capturing the Perfect Picture

You’ve mastered that awesome selfie, read our article on gaining Insta followers, now you’ve need a little help capturing the perfect Instagram picture. No problem, we’re here for you. We’ve compiled our top techniques to make that smartphone photo top notch.

Good Lighting
Let’s face it. A smartphone flash is just not going to cut it in a dreary lit restaurant. What do you do? Go during the day and be sure to sit near the window. Lighting is critical especially with a smartphone camera.

Play with angles

A picture taken of a meal from where you are sitting will have a skewed angle automatically. That can be cool sometimes but it gets old. Try a shot from above, capturing a bird’s eye view of your platter.

Keep your camera steady

A wobbly device takes a shaky picture. People tend not to love shaky pictures. Next time buy a tripod or try resting your elbows on a solid surface if there isn’t a place to securely leave the camera.

Know your phone

Your phone’s camera has come a long way. Check out the different modes and other cool features you phone provides like panorama, selective focus and virtual shot. Some smartphones even have a food setting that I use to focus on a particular object.

Pick a cool backdrop.

Nobody wants to see a bunch of dirty napkins on the edge of your shot. Clear your workspace and look for an interesting background. It’s not difficult to find that awesome looking brick wall in a city, a beach shot near the coast, or a windy road outside.

Still having trouble? Try one of these!

Classic Brick Wall
Cobblestone and White Brick
Classic Wooden Floor

They are all inexpensive and will add professionalism to your pictures.

Be Creative
There is no teaching creativity. Do what would capture your attention. Make your pictures stand out.

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