Ordering from your pocket

Ordering from your pocket

Mobile apps. Why does every place I want to eat at now recommend you use their mobile app to order? Easier for the customer?

Nope, it’s cheaper for them. I don’t like it.  What are your thoughts on ordering from your phone instead of in person?

Currently, the apps I have been using have not been properly working. The app crashes, does not full put in the order, or does not let you order because it is too close to the restaurant’s closing time. Also, some of these apps are just difficult to navigate and do not make sense from a customer’s point of view.

Recently, I tried ordering Chipotle over the phone. The employee over the phone states that they do not take orders unless its done on their website. I just ordered from that exact location a few weeks ago over the phone. How, all of the sudden, I can’t do this anymore?

Their app is a bit overwhelming and if you are a picky eater like Rose, it is difficult to customize your order if you do not like Cilantro. She thinks it tastes like soap; I just think its just some type of lettuce.

Also, the Friday’s app has not been working for us recently. Everytime we go and try to get points by using their app, it does not open and immediately crashed. We just want the points from this meal.

Electronics are taking over.

Do you think this is the best way to order food?

It has some benefits, if you don’t like talking to people and just want to order something quickly and have it paid for it is great! But, if there are so many issues with multiple institution’s apps, does it really benefit us?

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