Cheesecake, yes please!

Cheesecake, yes please!

So, one of Eric and I’s favorite restaurants is The Cheesecake Factory.

It’s only downfalls, the lines are ridiculous and it is kinda pricey. But the food is A+ and the portions are huge so you can always get a second meal out of it. But since the portions are that big, it makes it hard to order one of those amazing cheesecakes at the end.

However, Eric and I the other night went to our favorite place around 11pm. Not many people were left in the restaurant so it was a nice quiet atmosphere to relax after a long day.

We decided to order their four cheese pasta with chicken. Yes, we ordered the same thing. There is nothing wrong with that. It is cool that we have the same taste, sometimes at least.

But, I am a huge bread lover. So, when that wholegrain bread came to the table Eric and I have got our routine down. We each eat half the “good” bread and put the white bread on our plates to make the basket look empty. So, when the waitress comes to refill our water they always ask if we want more bread.

YES. Always yes.

We should really get in the habit of just asking for the wholegrain bread. But, once we get our refill of bread, the food comes out.

This pasta is definitely our favorite on the menu. I have a favorite chicken dish, favorite sandwich, pasta, and of course cheesecake. Yes, we have been to this restaurant that many times.

So, once we are finished eating, yes I got a to-go box because I am a wimp and cannot finish these meals. But, the waitress asked my favorite question, “Do you want dessert?”

I am normally not a dessert person. I would take fries and ranch over dessert ANY day. But at The Cheesecake Factory, I LOVE their red velvet cheesecake and I make Eric get it way too often.

So I gave Eric these puppy eyes because I wanted that cheesecake. So, we got a piece to share.

Yes, their cakes are huge as well and I cannot eat one by myself, especially after a meal.

The cheesecake came out and we devoured it. The only thing left was part of the whipped cream they put on the side of the cake.

Unfortunately, when you finish a meal the worst past comes; the check. The food is always worth it but as a broke, just out of college couple, it’s hard to see a $50-60 dollar bill.

I feel like most people know that struggle.

So, we pay the bill and walk out nice and full with a little doggy-bag for myself.

If you have never gone to The Cheesecake Factory, I highly recommend it. But make sure you are starving and ready for a hefty bill.

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