Bon Chon

So I was craving Korean wings last night and Eric and I went to Bon Chon. I kinda twisted his arm into it because he wasnt as hungry. 100% worth it.

Bon Chon is a smaller chain but I highly recommend it. The people are nice and the food is addicting, to say the least.

So, we got there around 8pm and we forgot to call ahead. They make their wings to order so it can take about 45 minutes for your food to come out. However, as an appetizer we got their seasoned fries.

These fries coming with this spicy mayo sauce and it’s to die for. Also, I’m obsessed with ranch and these fries work pretty well with ranch.

After waiting about 30 minutes, these decitent wings come out. They are extremely fresh and you can smell the soy garlic sauce that they were infused with.

Just one bite and you’ll be addicted.

These portions are pretty big. We shared a medium and we still couldn’t finish. I highly recommend trying it out and bring friends!

It’s a fun atmosphere where they play music, have a screen playing a movie, and have a full bar.

Let us know if you’ve been there already! Do you like it as much as we Do?

Eric knows I only eat chicken so this is one place we can bond over!

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