A Long Day’s Treat

A Long Day’s Treat

Hi guys, sorry it has been a while since we have last posted! We were in the process of moving and it was a little difficult to continue to post but don’t worry we are back!

My parents came down to help me move out of my apartment and into a townhome. I made Eric stay with me on Memorial Day Weekend to move out as well, even though he would have much rather been surfing on the beach. Hopefully, he doesn’t hate me too much!

What We Enjoyed

As a bit of a treat after a long day of moving, I wanted to go somewhere a little nicer for dinner. The place we decided was Founding Farmers a chain local to the Washington area with the theme of a farmhouse that serves fresh food at their tables.  I have only been there twice and I figured it would be a great place to take them.

It is a place that raves about homemade and grown food. And yes, it is deliciously good. Of course, we all got a drink as well.

Eric and my dad both got specialty beers and they both seemed to enjoy it. My mom got this mixed drink with vodka and to me, it tasted just like Fall, probably with the cinnamon in it. I got a Rosé which was exactly what I needed after a long day of moving.

Founding Farmers’ portions are pretty big and when the entrees came out we knew we were a little over our heads.

I got a chicken pot pie, which was delicious and huge. Eric got pork because I guess he wanted a “real” entree.

Overall the food and drinks were very good. We even got dessert, which is pretty rare for my family to do. My mom got a sorbet which was extremely sweet, a little too sweet.for me.  Eric and I split five macaroons, which were amazing. The one that was by far my favorite was the champagne flavored. Highly recommended. I may even get five of them next time. If you follow our instagram, they gave us a special sparkling one.

Negatives About the Night

Even though the food and drinks were extremely worth while, we were a little disappointed in the service at the beginning. I know this place gets extremely crowded and it is often hard to get a table on a busy night. Eric has walked into an hour and a half wait on more than one occasion.  This is why I made a reservation the day before to avoid any hassles involved in getting a table.  

We even showed up 15 minutes early and after the time of our actual reservation they still had not sat us. I get it, I was a hostess for 6 years of my life but they were doing something I was extremely unhappy about. They were sitting people that walked in after us first. Walk-ins are always the last people seated and people with reservations should always get the priority.

Does anyone else feel that way? Since I had made a reservation, a day in advance, I believe I should have been seated before walkins.


Please let us know your thoughts!


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